The Regurgitator’s Rot Got Musical Revue – Over the Mountain


It has been over a year since the world has last seen or heard from the being known only as ‘The Regurgitator’. Now, re-emerging from parts unknown, The Regurgitator is back with an all-new look and theme song. However, his signature, accurate, compelling and unbiased musical reviews are still intact. Why you could even say they are as sharp as a knife.

This time under the microscope is a band that has been featured on the wildly popular televison show The Walking Dead¬†known as The Mountain Goats. The Regurgitator gracefully reviews a song from their latest album ‘The Sunset Tree’ called ‘Up the Wolves’. So strap yourself in for this extra special review and see for yourself what critics are calling, “Sexy, Funny and Dead-on”.