‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Norman Reedus Victim Of A Zombie Prank


Nick Santonastasso, a guy born with only one arm and no legs, has been mentioned here at Morbidly Amusing before for the fantastic zombie pranks that he pulls on unsuspecting people.  I give him credit for using his disability as a way to not only scare the crap out of people, but to entertain and inspire others.  To take a disadvantage and flip it into an advantage is very commendable.

These zombie pranks got Nick a lot of attention on the internet and caught the eye of the producers of The Walking Dead, which happens to be Nick’s favorite TV show.  So they flew him out to Tokyo, where The Walking Dead was doing press, where Nick go turned into a zombie by makeup-FX artist Greg Nicotero.  Along with actor Andrew Lincoln’s help, they pranked co-star Norman Reedus and the results are priceless. Check out the video below.