‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6 So Far Review


It’s been awhile…

…and this season of The Walking Dead has been an intense one. We have seen so many additions and subtractions to the cast of characters that I’ve had trouble keeping track of what is what and who is who.

However, as much as I love The Walking Dead, we might have gotten to the point where I say we’re trying a little too hard here. Everything that happens in the first half of Season 6? Decent at best if you ask me. Totally predictable and overly dramatic to boot. Sure, it was well filmed and the acting was awesome as always, but characters are being added and subtracted at such a rapid pace that it seems like the series is begging for attention.

The drama of Glenn possibly being dead…the fall of the new found hope…all a good effort just to keep us waiting for the second half of the season. One must think…is it really this crazy? Is everyone really this insane? Has hope for a real new world gone by the wayside in this apocalyptic society?

This is one of the best shows of all time and yet I feel like it’s losing its identity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely gotten intense with everything that’s happened lately, but I’m still worried.

We have seen the deterioration of civilization, break ups and build ups to romantic relationships, new beginnings, and collapses of communities that thought they had finally figured this new world out, yet we still find ourselves virtually in the same place where the series started.

We have eliminated many characters that Glenn even mentions to Enid in Episode 9: Dale, Hershel, and Tyrone to name a few.

My overall point is this: building up characters as an essential part of OUR GROUP only to constantly eliminate them is not my version of the zombie apocalypse. Yes, I understand that some people can’t last, but to think that everyone in this society is out to get each other due to survival instincts is something that I simply don’t believe.

Agree or disagree, it’s been fun to watch at least and the acting on this series, as always, is incredible.

I will say that up to this point with 10 episodes in the can, I’m not completely disappointed with Season 6 so far, but i do think it certainly could have been better.

We’ll see what my overall thoughts are once the final few episodes have aired.