Ti West’s “The Sacrament” Gets A Poster

Next week yours truly will be journeying up to the great north to attend the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time. It’s safe to say that my excitement is pretty much at a fever pitch and one of the reasons is because I will be attending a screening of the latest horror film from Ti West.

West has created a reputation for himself amongst the horror crowd with moody and understatedly chilling fare like The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. His latest, The Sacrament, is centered on a group of journalists who journey to a religious commune to visit a relative and subsequently become wrapped up in the cult-like lifestyle.

The Sacrament is produced by Eli Roth and is expected to find a distributor as it makes its way through the festival circuit over the next couple of weeks.  Although a trailer is not yet a reality, the poster below via Entertainment Weekly will have to tide you over for now.

I will certainly be sharing my thoughts on the film following my screening in just under two weeks’ time.




Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.