True Blood Season 6 Finale Review

True Blood S06E10: “Radioactive”


I’m excited about a few things that happened on this season of True Blood, like: significantly more time spent in Bon Temps, Jason Stackhouse with his shirt off regularly, PLUS one chiseled, naked Eric…Hallelujah! I liked the finale, but there is just so much happening! As a loyal fan of the fanger movement, it pains me to say this shortened season left me slightly disappointed, but also quite curious for the return.

For starters, let me address Alcide’s hair in the opening scene…I understand you were at a funeral, in jeans may I add, but seriously…trim that shit up, homeboy. With Terry gone, the finale immediately got weird: vampires running around Bon Temps, fresh out of captivity, playing volleyball in the sunlight, going on a target-run, high as fuck on fairy blood. Totally normal! This is almost as normal as Violet (who is uber swim fan-esque with Jason) trying to make out with Sookie as soon as they meet.

Warlow! Pump the brakes! I understand you’ve waited a bazillion (5,500) years for your lady, but Sookie’s proposition to date seems way more appropriate. Unfortunately, he slapped the shit out of her for it and revealed his true (asshole) colors. Luckily, Jason and their fairy grandfather kill his crazy ass and Alcide steps in, looking SEXY with a fresh haircut, super muscular, throwing Sookie over his shoulder…yum!

Six months later: Hep V is rampant, where is Eric? Did he meet the true death? I seriously hope not! Bellefleur’s bar and grille? I liked Merlotte’s, but it seems like a tribute to Andy, quite fitting. The monogamous feeding relationship between humans and a vampire proposal seems crazy, but potentially really helpful, considering the slew of hungry vamps running toward the uninfected barbecue-goers in the final scene. I can’t help but wonder if Tara’s mother deceived her into biting her/thus infecting her! I will be majorly let down if Tara dies after seeing her adorable cowgirl get up. :/  Hopefully next season, we’ll see Jason ‘get some,’ rather than just give, Sookie deeply in love with someone, and ERIC!!!