‘Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2’ Announced, More Redneck Carnage To Come


Tucker and Dale Vs Evil was a pretty terrific horror/comedy that seemed to come out of nowhere, and for those that have never heard of it, the film follows two kind-hearted rednecks that are mistaken for psychotic murderers.   It has been three years since that film was released and in a surprise announcement, it seems that there are plans for a Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2.

Last week, the magazine Horrorhound was hosting a special weekend event in Cincinnati which featured a Tucker and Dale Vs Evil panel with the film’s stars, Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine.  Not surprisingly, the question of a sequel was brought up and Alan Tudyk  surprisingly announced that a sequel was  currently in production.  You can check out a clip from the panel below and see the announcement for yourself.  This is a film that I can definitely get excited for.