‘Twin Peaks’ Returning As A Limited Series on Showtime


David Lynch and Mark Frost set the internet afire this past Friday with identical simultaneous tweets that many fans pointed to as proof that a return from early 90s cult TV show Twin Peaks wasn’t yet out of the question. Well, today the pair returned to Twitter with simultaneous tweets to make it official.

Yes, Twin Peaks is returning for a limited, nine episode run that is set to premiere on Showtime in 2016 just in time for the show’s 25th anniversary.  Kyle MacLachlan is rumored to return as FBI Agent Dale Cooper while the first two seasons of the series are set to re-air on Showtime leading up to the new series.

You can check out Lynch & Frost’s official announcement video below. I personally can’t wait to fall down the rabbit hole of weirdness that is Twin Peaks once again.