WTF?: ‘Bigfoot Erotica’ Book Series Becomes A Best-Selling Phenomenon

 monster porn cover_03

WTF?  It all started with 50 Shades Of Grey, the erotic book that we’re all ashamed that our mothers have read.  Well now fans of monsters and of the show Finding Bigfoot, have something that they can now shamefully read.  Brought to you by a  suburban mom from Colorado with the pen-name Virginia Wade, comes the Moan for Bigfoot (or the more mature titled Cum for Bigfoot) series which spans fifteen sequels (and counting).

Erotic fiction with a paranormal or horror slant has become increasingly popular, especially with the affordability of digital publishing, and has helped to make Wade a fortune by self-publishing a series of pornographic novels about young ladies having sexual encounters with a Bigfoot.  According to an interview with Business Insider, the series pulls in up to $30,000 a month from Kindle sales alone (it also does well on iTunes and other sites).

“If there was a market there for monster sex, I was gonna give it to them,” Wade told the Insider.  The strangest thing of all, however, is  that she has recruited her family for help with her father working as editor and her mother translating the books into German.  Nice family business, I wonder if her child will follow in mothers footsteps.  Moan for Bigfoot was originally released as the not-so-subtle Cum for Bigfoot, but following a controversy about her books overly-sexualized titles, she had to re-publish the books with tamer names.  Check out the list of “creative” Monster Sex titles, such as Cum for Bigfoot 9.

This all begs the question, what the F?  Lonely housewives used to turn to soap operas to live there fantasies about men out, or turn to trashy romance books with shirtless hunks.  But then 50 Shades Of Grey made the previous seem tame in comparison.  So my only conclusion about why this is so popular is because Twilight has made the mysterious monsters love interests to the women and 50 Shades has made kinky sex the norm, so I guess it makes sense to mix the two together and substitute the werewolves for Bigfoot.

This is the first WTF article, in which Morbldly Amusing will discuss and try to understand things that make the regular person go, What The F–k!  If there is any subject that makes you shout that and would like us to cover it, use the comment section below.