‘You’re Next’ Writer-Director Team To Remake Korean Serial Killer Film ‘I Saw the Devil’

Rob Friedman, Sharni Vinson, Adam Wingard, Simon Barrett

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett have a filmmaking partnership that has been going strong since 2010 and their latest effort, the John Carpenter-esque and critically acclaimed The Guest hits theaters this Wednesday. But that hasn’t stopped them from already lining up their next project.

Wingard and Barrett have officially been set to remake Kim Jee-Woon’s I Saw The Devil, a 2010 Korean film centered on a secret agent who hunts down a serial killer responsible for killing his fiancee. Snoot Entertainment, the company behind both You’re Next and The Guest, will produce the remake.

As both a huge fan of You’re Next and someone who can’t wait to check out The Guest this week, I am very intrigued by the team behind those films remaking what is considered by many to be one of the best Korean films in recent years. Americanized remakes of popular foreign films don’t always have the best track record however, so here’s hoping Wingard and Barrett are able to overcome some of the problems that have plagued others.

For now, check out the trailer for the original I Saw the Devil below, and be sure to check out The Guest when it hits theaters Wednesday.



Source: The Wrap